DTM Global Holdings Ltd is a Canada based technology and media focused holding company promoted by the D&O group and partners. The company has pooled a number of Tech & Media businesses from across the world with great potential, and connected them to growing economies including of India among others. The Company aims to deliver innovative technology enabled solutions to societies and policy makers, helping them shape a better tomorrow for themselves.

The Company has brought in a very experienced group of professionals with extensive track record in development of business and execution of strategy and on-ground operations.

DTM Global is of the view that emerging economies across the world won’t able to solve all their problems through good governance or policy alone. And technology is going to be a great enabler.

The company firmly believes that a success of a business enterprise is pinned on three pillars, people; strategy and execution. As reflected by the three pillars in DTM Holdings corporate logo.


Opportunity for Technological Innovation in Emerging Economies

Global Expertise of D&O, Local services customized to stimulate local demand

Holding structure for portfolio of Tech & Media companies in emerging economies like India

Create a permanent listed vehicle for opportune investment and monetization of innovative Technology and Media Assets