As a part of the FINTEGRATION™ strategy, DTM and partners including of MSE along with a Canadian Exchange is launching VentureXchange™, a pioneering platform with innovative ecosystem focused on being the liquidity bridge for the enterprising India and the Indian youths, looking to access capital, whereby MicroVCs as well as NBFCs and SMEs along with startups will have the ability to raise financing, both equity and debt directly from international as well as local investors. The platform will also enable market participants to get exit from their existing investment freeing up more cash for additional investment in the economy.

VentureXchange™ in partnership with MSE over time will also enable trading of distressed and other non-performing loans. Market makers, both foreign and local will be able to participate in the trading the asset bringing a much needed liquidity to the market. An established standardised process will govern the overall trading of the underlying assets meeting the regulatory requirements.

VentureXchange will be tech powered enabler.

  • By using Blockchain to settle trades and KYC, it will not only be increasing overall efficiency, but also reducing costs over time.
  • By creating an integrated platform to enable trading of debts including of distressed assets etc, the platform will enable the banks to exit the NPA/NPLs. What is missing in India especially on the distressed side is a standardise process to help banks create ask/bid for an asset that it wants to exit.
  • By creating a security receipt trading market to enable ARCs to trade the receipts
  • By creating an electronic platform to trade corporate as well as agencies debt/ bonds including of municipal bonds
  • By making VentureXchange as an enabler for startups as well as microVcs to raise capital from both local and overseas investors
  • By creating trade-able sectorial indices that could also be listed on a partner foreign exchange. This innovation will enable the market to better gauge the well-being of the economy based on sector-by-sector approach. The same could be done for AIFs etc
  • By creating an ETF with dual listing on a partner foreign exchange.