By FINTEGRATION™, we literally mean integrating and upgrading the existing financial system of growing economies. Emerging economies like India have many inherent inefficiencies in the overall system, and DTM Global’s aim is to not only plug those gaps, but also create a system that is able to operate at a lower costs by delivering innovative world class solutions and services tailored for growing economies for the benefit of all the market participants. Delivery through smart technology that will evolve the markets grow and get more complex.

Several initiatives are being worked upon, and in India the company has partnered with Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI), which is the third national stock exchange in India along with FinTech City - Vizag among others covering a wide range of spectrum in the financial services ecosystem.

The VentureXchange™ promoted in partnership with MSEI and an overseas exchange is part of DTM’s overall FINTEGRATION™ strategy, a first-of-its-kind trading platform that will help VCs and investors to trade in certain portfolios once they are listed on MSEI. The idea is to be the enabler - the liquidity bridge, and provide more liquidity with exit options to the market, which in turn will encourage them to reinvest, creating more growth across the board.

DTM’s FINTEGRATION™ strategy consists of creating an ecosystem of products and services that will provide varied value added services to private and public sector enterprises including local government in several key areas including Fintech and Cybersecurity solutions. While working with local Stock Exchanges and the market, DTM Global aims to help create and deepen the existing overall financial infrastructure of emerging economies through financial technologies. And in the process enhance ease of investment, unlock liquidity to markets, and ease entry as well as exit for investors.

Through its regulated non-banking financial company DTM Global will offer tech enabled solutions, to help solve distressed assets issues plaguing emerging economies like India. DTM is also focused on financial education as well as digital skilling to create a skilled workforce. And it’s regulated non-banking financial company in India will also provide other financial services including of digital Wealth Management and Information Research Services.

DTM Global’s Branchless Banking Solutions is aimed at serving partner banks, to help them better compete by not only lowering the cost of delivering traditional banking services through self-service kiosks installed across the country especially inrural areas. It will also work with partner banks in emerging economies to provide wholesome financial technology solutions including of cyber security.